About Eco-green

Eco-Green Nigeria Limited is a professional consulting firm in Nigeria incorporated in 2009. It focuses in the area of environment management, pollution prevention and control, oil spill response and remediation of polluted environments. The company conducts research and training on climate change, bio-diversity loss and waste management.
We are also involved in the assessment and compensation for expropriated land owners due to oil spills and other forms of environmental degradations such as liquid and solid wastes discharges from manufacturing companies and agricultural production plants and farmlands.
Eco-Green Nigeria Limited covers infrastructural construction such as civil engineering works like roads, buildings, electricity poles and bridge construction. We also carry out and stock metal fabrications such as domestic and industrial welding and other mechanical engineering works. Our electrical engineers are trained in reputable institutions and are reliable.

Furthermore, Eco-Green Nigeria Limited partners are acclaimed experts in the development and management of ecological parks and gardens as well as beautification of city centres and towns including institutions of learning.
The company ensures a safe work environment in the private and public sectors of the Nigeria economy by training and creating awareness among the workforce on industrial safety and occupational health. The company conducts safety and health audits/assessment and advices and procures necessary equipment and installations that will enhance safety.
Eco-Green Nigeria Limited is also in the business of leasing equipment and materials, manufacturers’ representative partners and outsourcing of professionals and personnel in its area of expertise to the oil and gas, construction, agricultural, tourism and hospitality sectors.