We plan, design and manage environmental strategies for companies and government at all levels. We also represent organized institutions and non-governmental bodies in the conduct of environmental programmes.We conduct preventive maintenance of oil pipeline and drainage systems to ensure the integrity of the pipelines to prevent spills from occurring. We also ensure that appropriate measures are in place to control spillage and lessen the impact on the environment. This includes waste water from industries and government establishments.


In order to ensure a pristine environment conducive for human habitation and growth of flora and fauna both terrestrial and aquatic based, Environmental Impact Assessments and audits help also to create an enabling environment for the operation of companies and government projects and programmes which could have deleterious effects on host communities and environments. It is conducted to determine the impact of any project on the environment and also to determine the level and continuing level of compliance of each works with stipulated standards and statutory provisions.


Several town and villages including agricultural land in Nigeria are devastated by erosion. This reduces the available developmental and agricultural lands in the country. Eco-Green Nigeria Limited is involved in the identification of erosion sites and routing. This is achieved through engineering and civil works as well as researched agricultural additions such as the application of vertiver systems and technology of which we are internationally acclaimed.


Our waste management service is in the area of waste collection and transportation to dumpsites, treatment plants and incinerators. We also transport wastes to composting sites for the production of farm manures and bio-renewable energy.Eco-Green Nigeria Limited draws up a waste management plan and policy for companies and governments at all levels in Nigeria.


Nigeria is endowed with several natural places of interests. Eco-Green Nigeria Limited identifies these sites across the country and conducts expeditious tours with local and international tourists to the zones.In doing this, we liaise with licensed security firms with proven tract records to ensure the safety and full enjoyment of clients. Activities include also identification of suitable hotels and provision of other protocol services.


The company has several professionals and consultants that handle all its engineering and construction contracts satisfactorily. We undertake civil engineering works especially in the area of building and road construction, river bank reclamation and jetty construction. We also undertake river dredging and expansion services. Other jobs include building of bridges and fabrication of industrial and domestic metal works.


Eco-Green Nigeria Limited is a supplier to several industrial sectors of goods and services. It supplies operational materials such as oil and gas pipes, oil well lubricants and personal protective equipment. Others include building and construction materials and equipment including agricultural and educational materials.